Zsako’s Home Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Tips for Fall

Santa Fe in the Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of the year that is full of change all around. Temperatures are cooling off and the leaves are starting to change/fall. With the change of the seasons comes a To-Do list of items that home owners should be aware of before winter is here.

Unpacking the sweaters and getting out the heavy snow boots, just so you can get to the car in the morning, are some of the common things we do, but there are many other things our home needs that often get overlooked.

  • Disconnecting water hoses to prevent freeze damage to the hose bibs.
  • Shutting down irrigation systems to prevent damage to the irrigation lines and emitters.
  • Checking the heating systems and changing the air filters for the furnace.
  • Checking the roof for maintenance repairs and removing leaves and debris from the surface, gutters and canales.
  • Winterizing the evaporative cooler (swamp cooler). Draining the water line and the pan.
  • Installing the unit cover and vent baffles to prevent heat loss through the unit.
  • Reverse ceiling fans to blow up, to help circulate heat trapped at the ceiling.
  • Checking around the exterior edges of the windows and doors for openings that can be sealed with caulking.